Chattanooga, Tennessee: Here We Come!

Wow! I really apologize for the lack of posts, but developments have been happening a break-neck pace.  My family and I have booked a flight to Chattanooga in a couple of weeks, as it seems that I have located my birth father!!

How did this happen?

Bryan and I were spending some time searching for my birth mother and her side of the family on the internet one night and were just about ready to turn in for the night, when Bryan said “Why don’t we just Google my birth father’s first name?   We hadn’t googled him at all, because I didn’t feel that we would get anywhere, since I don’t have any other information about him. I don’t have his last name or birth date. Nothing. Well, we Googled it, and found out that there are only 5 other people in the country with his name!  We focused in quickly on the one man who lived in Chattanooga Tennessee (where I was born). We found out that he was in his 50’s – which would be an appropriate age.  This search also turned up his last name. Alas, we had a first and last name for a man who definitely fit the profile. We googled this information and immediately found a Facebook fan page for a man whose name matched. We clicked on the page and up popped a photo that gave us the chills!  The resemblance was undeniable.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, as I have never seen a picture of anyone that I look like. This was almost too much to bear. We scrolled through the numerous fan photos and grew more and more silent with awe with each click. This was him!! Everything was starting to fit together!!

We started reading the posts and trying to figure out what this “fan page” was for. Someone had created this page for him out of love. It seems that everyone in Chattanooga knows and loves him – he is a positive fixture in the Chattanooga scene. He goes around hand delivering flowers to the locals in the bars, and from what people have written on his page – he seems to be a super respectful guy who doesn’t always want money, but he just want’s a smile. He had over 2,300 fans on this page, and you could just feel the warmth and love that the city has for this man.

One post said: ” YAY! Who doesn’t love _(I’m omiting his name for privacy reasons at this time)_____??! He’s one of my favorite people ever! So happy to see that he’s still brightening people’s days and warming their hearts!”

So, after debating what our next move should be, Bryan and I decided to email some of the folks who seemed to know quite a bit about this man (from his fan page). So, we emailed four people. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I had two email responses within the hour! For the next two days I spoke with these kind people from Chattanooga, who helped me way more than I imagined. These good Samaritans approached whom I thought to be my birth father the next day, and asked him a couple questions.  They emailed me back with what they found out from him, and they agreed that a connection was undeniable.

No one in my family could believe what was happening. We’d spent over a year searching for the birth mother’s side of the family, because we thought that we had more information to go on, but then in less than a week, everything unravels on my birth father side, with whom I only had a first name to go off of.  Sometimes you try to make something work SO hard and for so long, when there’s an easier way just over the horizon. Isn’t it funny how that works?

So, we have booked a flight for the first weekend in June! My parents, sister, her fiancée, Bryan and I are all going for the weekend.   This is just the trip of the lifetime for me. I have dreamed of this trip for as long as I can remember.

So, that’s everything for now! Many more posts to come.

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