The Letter.

My mom sent this beautiful letter to my [new] family in Chattanooga…

Dear Deborah and family,

I’m Angela Tucker’s mom here in Bellingham, Washington and am very excited to be writing this letter. Have thought about this for a long time. Chattanooga had always seemed so far away as our family talked about it over the years but now even though miles apart it feels right next door.  It means a lot to Angela and our entire family to be able to meet you and your family.

I’m guessing that you might be curious how we became Angela’s adoptive family?  The story follows, but first I want to thank you for sharing Angela with us (even though some of you didn’t even know you were).  We thank you Deborah for choosing adoption.   Not only was Angela’s  life changed by being adopted, but our lives were changed as well.  What a blessing this was!  Her cheery personality and her ‘forever’ smile brought much joy to our family.  She was best friends  with our older daughter, Elena, as they grew up.  This was and still is a special friendship.  People joked as Angela turned 2 years old that I should just hook her to my side with velcro as she always followed alongside me wherever I went.  We were never far apart.  Her sports ability—kickball and PE (in elementary school), basketball, track, cross-country and softball in high school and basketball at Western Wash. University—made us all proud.  Music also filled our house—her piano, harmonica, karaoke and singing for no reason or any reason was daily.  She and sister Elena enjoyed numerous piano duets.  Angela’s hearing loss helped educate all of us about both the struggles of wearing hearing aids and the belief that all of life’s opportunities were ahead.  She added a lot to our family, to say the least.

Deborah, when Angela was born, you had asked that she be given opportunities in life to live up to her full potential.  We took this to heart, felt guided by your request and thought about it many times as we raised her.

We began our family in 1974 with the birth of our daughter, Elena, followed by the adoption of Shawna and Steven.  In 1986 we were anxious to adopt again and searched the adoption books of waiting children from different states hoping to find the perfect match.  It didn’t take long before we found Angela in the state of Tennessee book.  She was listed in this book as a ‘hard to place’ child due to her possible physical disabilities.  (She spent the first year with a Chattanooga foster family as her health issues were identified. The adoption agency did not know the cause of her disability.)   We knew she’d fit into our family as soon as we read it.  We notified our adoption worker here in Bellingham who then worked with the adoption worker at Bethany in Chattanooga to make this match happen.

David and I flew to Chattanooga a week or two before her 1st birthday and spent the weekend getting to know her and deciding for sure if she was the one.  (There was never any doubt she was the one!)  We met with a representative from Bethany, was given non-identifying information about your family and the first name of the birthfather.  We spent a couple hours with Angela to get to know her (she slept the entire time!).  Then on Monday, flew with her back to Bellingham.

We continued her physical therapy related to her disability but within 3 months was told by the physical therapist that she had improved enough that she didn’t need it anymore.  She shortly began to walk, run and do all the things expected even though there was still some mild tightness in her legs and arms. Her hearing loss wasn’t identified till she was about 4 years old.

And so this is how Angela became a Burt and a resident of Bellingham (about 75 miles north of Seattle) and Washington state.  As time goes on I’m sure Angela will share photos, stories, memories etc. about growing up as a Burt with all of you.  (Ask her about getting her wisdom teeth out while she was on crutches, the competition she had with a friend to see who could wear shorts to school every day of 5th grade, playing basketball in bare feet in Belize, the ride on the Desperado rollercoaster, Highway 3 in Mexico and of course, our yearly Burt Meatfest.)  And she’ll enjoy hearing from each of you what it was like growing up in Chattanooga.

She has been a joy to our family.   We thank you again for sharing her with us. We look forward to meeting you all next summer.

Simply beautiful. Thanks for writing this mom!

2 thoughts on “The Letter.

  1. All thanks be to God in this situtation, then to you (Angela’s Mother). Its selfish of me to be sad because I missed the things you mention about her growing up. I hope and pray that other children on the adoption rolls are as fortune as was Angela, when I look at her beautiful smile, it lets me know that while there had to be a void in her life that you and your family filled it well. I’m her aunt by birth, and hope that I can be helpful to her in filling the rest of the void that exist, in ref. to biological family, there are things she need to be aware of so she can take good physical care of herself. She is a beautiful young lady, with a heart to match. thank u for being her mother, this is a lesson for other mothers who think it robbery to put a child up for adoption, sometimes its best, all children are a blessing from God, who dosen’t make mistakes. To our younger women, remember safe sex, all adoption stories don’t turn out this well. Again thank you for the love you shared, my mother and dad are both gone on to glory, but in 1984,1985 they were still alive, that hurts, because none of us ever knew this child exsited until February 18. 2011, my oldes daughter’s birthday, in a message on facebook is how we became aware. I’ll never forget my daughter’s 23rd, nevertheless, than God I know now. Again birth does not a mother make. WITH ALL MY HEART THANK YOU, AND MAY GOD ADD EXTRA BLESSINGS TO YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!


  2. As i read this I cry. A little bit because I am sap and cry at everything but mostly because I remember climbing up to your bed and staring at that poster of Tennessee you had, listening to your dreams of someday knowing where you came from. I was extremely blessed to have you and your family so close to my young heart, even if you’d rather play basketball with Ty then hang out with me at times 🙂 The acceptance of your family, for the people in and outside of it, taught me more than I could have imagined. Your parents were the perfect example of equality and I am proud to say I carry that with me. You and I are lucky to have the incredible upbringing that we did with such loving and nurturing parents. I am more than excited for you and your adventure and the chance you have to extend your family. It wont take them long to find the joy in you that we have been blessed with. I apologize this may be a bit lengthy, but the extent of my gratitude and elation I feel for your beautiful journey can not be shortened. good luck!


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