Heading to the South!

What an amazing journey this has been. 

The meeting of my birth mother falls into that category of significant and life-changing events that I will never forget: getting my driver’s license, graduating from college, my wedding day. It almost feels like it is a rite of passage. Generally rites of passages indicate a person changing from one status to another, such as a Bar Mitzvah, or Quinceañera. I feel a though I am changing from the status of broken, to complete. I say this in a very abstract way, as by no means did I grow up “broken,” as I had a wonderful childhood, and have had a wonderful adult life thus far, but, I have felt a piece of my self-puzzle has been missing. This trip may serve as putting back that missing piece. It actually wouldn’t even be “putting back that missing piece,” because there was no piece to begin with. We’ll create and put into place that missing piece. That’s more like it.

I’m trying to go without expectations, and simply revel in whatever comes of this. But, I am hopeful that questions will be answered, and closure will be brought.

I am so excited to meet my birth family, and so thankful that I have my family there for support.

Boarding the plane, and about to fly across the country for this trip of a lifetime.

Here we go!!

2 thoughts on “Heading to the South!

  1. Hugs and love and best wishes to y’all from “Aunt” Pat! So excited to hear more about this amazing journey!


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