Who would’ve thought?

My birthmother came to Seattle a couple of weeks ago, and got a taste of what my life was like growing up. Who would’ve thought that this day would come?  Deborah enjoyed her very first airplane flight across the country, and then enjoyed spending a couple more days in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my family.

Deborah got dressed up for the Bethany fundraiser auction.

We ate breakfast, posed with the Pig, and watched people throwing the fish at the Pike Place Market.

We figured that since Canada is so close to Bellingham, and since Deborah had never been to another country, that we might as well step foot in to Canada while she was here.

We showed Deborah the waterfall at a park in my hometown.

Hanging out with my family at the Auction

Deborah got to hear some great music, and see where I work at night.

Deborah with my brother, Kyle standing at the bench that is dedicated to my grandfather, overlooking Bellingham Bay.

Deborah can’t come to the coffee capital of the world, and not experience great coffee!

Looking at the Seattle skyline from Kerry Park.

Of course we took Deborah to the top of the Space Needle.

All in all, this was a memorable trip, that I never knew would happen. It was so special to be able to show Deborah around the city that I grew up in.

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