Final Wish!

This is a big week coming up for me and my birth family.

I have a birth sister who was adopted one year before I was born. I have been searching for her for years (with the help of my husband and my mom), but without knowing her name, or having any idea of where she may be living now, it’s kinda tough to search. I have had letters written to what was thought to be her adoptive parents’ home via a caseworker, but none of these letters have ever had a response…not sure if that means the letters didn’t arrive at the right place, or they don’t want to connect with me, or possibly my birth sister doesn’t know she’s adopted, and her adoptive parents don’t want her to find out. Who knows!

Well, I’m hopefully about to find out.

A caseworker that I’ve been working with has agreed to pull her file (to obtain her full name), and begin to conduct searches on the internet i.e. Facebook, Spokeo, Intellius etc. She should get back to me within the week.

Finding my birth sister is the final piece to this massive puzzle of finding my roots. My birth mother has also expressed this wish to connect with her birth daughter, as well as my other birth sister (Carolyn).

Here’s to hoping that our final wish comes true.

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