It’s A Secret

Over the past few years, in my professional life, and psychological interests I’ve learned the power keeping secrets has in it’s ability to ruin people’s bodies, and lives, as well as effect so many other people along the way. 

The brain does not like keeping secrets. There is a neurological reason to why people gossip, confide in a mentor or a pastor, or write down their deepest darkest secrets in a journal. Getting a secret out of the jail in your brain decreases the stress hormone, which is heightened when a secret is kept inside. This stress hormone can cause symptoms such as  weight gain, digestive problems, headaches, back pain and high blood pressure. The brain is an amazing organ, all of the neurons firing like a massive electrical storm, powering our body to act, think and produce. However when working to keep a secret, the neurons electric map changes, and suddenly the brain isn’t quite as effective, thus causing sleepless nights, anger, anxiety, unhealthy choices and poor motivation.

“Keeping a secret often becomes less about protecting people and more about becoming overly preoccupied with the “thing” or maintaining the double, secret life. It takes over as an “unhealthy obsession” for our own secrets and those we keep for others . It can be a lot of work to maintain and live that way.”

These weightless thoughts that no one else can see, touch, smell or hear, is the source of much of the unhappiness in the World. It can be quite powerful to know that you can hold something that doesn’t weigh anything, but that you can feel like you have all of the power in the world. Maybe holding secrets feels like you’re spiking the chemicals in your brain with alcohol. Keeping secrets does tend to give people a bit of a buzz. Just as alcohol can kill, so can secrets. We spend so much time trying to fix the symptoms of blood pressure, anxiousness, restless sleep etc, with medicine, when I believe it can start with ridding your brain of the secret that’s not allowing the brain to function properly.

Now’s the time to clear the mind of the secrets that are altering the way the brain naturally wants to work. Free your mind, and free a whole lot of others while you’re at it.

Caveat: This post is written to no one specific. It’s simply a neurological reminder that secrets have adverse effects. Though, admittedly not all secrets are bad. The correlation between physical sickness, ilness and general anxiety and secrets seems to go hand in hand. Someday perhaps I will conduct a research investigation on this to back up my posts.

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