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Frequently Asked Question

Q: Who decided on Closure as the title of the movie?

A: Bryan chose the title of the movie. By and large, this documentary is Bryan’s depiction of my journey. The documentary is edited, narrated, and shot entirely by Bryan – and by many of the movie-goers’ accounts thus far, he did a marvelous job. Bryan interpreted each of the major characters in the film (birth mom, adoptee and adoptive mother) as having gained a sense of rounded understanding and finality from the outcome of this journey. I did not choose to impart my feelings or dissuade him in the movie title decision making process. Not only would I have been unable to share my story through the medium of film in such a linear, sensible and emotive way, I also simply would not have thought or wanted to create a documentary out of my story. Through my eyes, it’s simply one of many search and reunion adoption stories. It is for this reason that Bryan’s decision on the naming of the film was the only voice to be granted this right.

Followed up by another FAQ:
Q: Have you, personally gotten closure now?

A: I do not feel that I have gained closure – in the sense that most are asking. I have gained an element of peace as the search for my birthparents has (thankfully) come to a close. However, within this successful outcome more questions and considerations have been unveiled: How do I navigate these new relationships? How will I maintain a cross country relationship with these new family members? Did I gain my athleticism from my genes, or from the opportunities I was afforded during childhood (nature vs nurture)? My questions never end.

If Bryan had asked me for input on the title, I may have suggested: “I still need more information,” “I don’t understand” or “Why?”

Clearly, “Closure” sounds much better. šŸ™‚

No great and meaningful journey is ever completely closed. If we truly want to thrive and grow from any experience or journey we embark upon we will likely always be striving towards a greater understanding, occasional doubts, fears and a general ever increasing need to feel more whole and complete. “The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.”

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