Guest Blog Post: Lisa Marie Rollins

Beautiful words, written by the talented Lisa Marie:

I sit, thinking about the value of black life. While I sit, I am deeply missing my mentor, VèVè Amasasa Clark. I am wondering what she would tell me to do right now. I see her photo on my altar, and ask her about the fear I feel to push myself to speak louder, harder than I usually do. To not let people off the hook because I am afraid of alienating them. I think about the things we do not say to one another because we love so hard we are afraid of being left alone. I think about my struggle to value myself. How some days i have to fight hard to see my own worth, to know I am worthy of love, when so many things tell me I am not. How black babies are at the bottom of the adoption hierarchy. How black women are devalued, how blackness is criminalized. What have I been told that I am worth?

I’m thinkin hard about the veil of white privilege. I’m thinking about white families who adopt black boys and girls, who adopt any child of of color and think this veil is automatically wrapped around your children. Once again, for the cheap seats: the veil is an illusion. it will not protect them when they are outside alone, walking from the store / school / church / practice / library back home. Please, start talking to your children about race. Colorblindness is NOT the way of our world. This is life or death. What is the value of a black body? How will we protect our children? Hold tight, deep breaths, fight fear, go, speak.

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