Earning The Right

We share with people who’ve earned the right to hear our story.

Brene Brown

I love this quote from the psychologist who has dedicated her recent years to studying vulnerability. This quote resonated with me, as the feeling I get before screening Closure has not yet dissipated. It’s an odd feeling letting so many strangers in on pieces of my life story all at once, however, I’ve been pleasantly surprised and thankful for the comments by many who have acknowledged the struggle that comes from being so publicly open. Each public screening or private viewing still feels risky – I guess I should get used to that feeling and welcome it as truth. Public screenings are quite the opposite of this quote I identify with so much.

“We share with people who’ve earned the right to hear our story.”

2 thoughts on “Earning The Right

  1. I love that quote, Angela. And so true. Maybe this is why it is taking me decades to put even little pieces of my story out in public. The thing is, there are many out there whom we don’t even know, who can benefit so much (and we do to, in turn) and that can’t happen unless we just “put it out there.” But there’s definitely a high emotional risk that comes along with it. We need to find support where we can and do what we need to to protect our vulnerable hearts. oxoxo


  2. We are so grateful that your willingness to be vulnerable will lead to education for adoptive parents. We also wish we could meet you guys.


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