BBC News: To Search or Not To Search?


It was an honor to engage with five other adult adoptees about our thoughts on searching for our birth parents on BBC’s show, World Have Your Say. The adoption portion of the interview begins around the 19:40 mark. Our takes, perspectives, world views and experiences vary greatly. One adoptee spoke of finding her birthparents, but “wishing she hadn’t,” two of the gentlemen interviewed are actively searching and the rest of us fall somewhere in between them on the spectrum. This conversation was spurred on by Kathryn Deprill, an adoptee who is being dubbed the “Burger King Baby” (not sure I’m a fan of this phrase to describe her life and plight.). I am thankful that BBC shows that adoptees voices are valuable and worthy to be heard. Hope you enjoy.

One thought on “BBC News: To Search or Not To Search?

  1. We may be sitting in the same theater even watching the same movie but what we see will be all our own. It is what it is. Keep the dialog going there is much yet to do. Thanks.


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