November Is National Adoption Month! Let’s #FlipTheScript…

The Press Secretary released an official memo at the beginning of the month; A Presidential Proclamation – National Adoption Month 2014. In part it states:

During National Adoption Month, we honor those who have opened their hearts and their homes…Throughout November, we recognize the thousands of parents and kids who have expanded their families to welcome a new child or sibling, as well as the professionals who offer guidance, resources, and counseling every day.  Let us reaffirm our commitment to provide all children with every chance to reach their dreams and realize their highest aspirations.

It’s exciting that November has become adoption’s month to shine (every minority person, place or thing needs their “own” month)! Agencies and organizations center all efforts center around imploring citizens to locate and recognize those orphaned around the world (Note: not all adoptees are orphans), and a concerted effort is made by adoption attorneys to finalize as many adoptions as possible during this month.

But where are adoptees on the president’s list of people to recognize? Are adoptees left out of the conversation (or a White House Memo) because now that we have been adopted we ought to provide endless unwavering, affectionate love? Are we expected to be dormant, mute, quiet and grateful that our adoption has helped to clean up society?

This month adoptees are banding together to “Flip The Script” as National Adoption Month has officially been met with 21st century hashtag activism (Thanks Mothermade for leading this charge). Who will hear our call? We would like to add our voices to the National Adoption Month platform in an effort to no longer serve as an inanimate highway for the betterment of society, but to contribute and create awareness that our voices matter, too.

President Obama, perhaps next year you’ll include our voices, too?

10 thoughts on “November Is National Adoption Month! Let’s #FlipTheScript…

  1. Reblogged this on Adopting Abroad and commented:
    November is National Adoption Month here in the states. As excited and delighted as D and I are to be able to adopt and share our adoption story as it progresses, we know that the voice of adoptive parents is prevalent this month.

    We are doing our best to prepare our family by reading up not only on other parents’ experiences, but those of adoptees and first families. #FliptheScript is a great movement going on right now across Twitter and adoption blogs, and I fully encourage anyone reading to start adding adoptees and birth parents in their feed.


  2. I want to be a voice heard in flip the script. I want to open the dialogue for other adoptees so they dont have to suffer in silence any more.


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