Campaigning in Washington D.C.

Beauty and complexity
“I wish I could have heard from other adoptees…About how they love their adoptive family & their birth family at the same time. It’s beautiful and complicated all at once.”

Bryan and I recently returned from a whirlwind trip to DC where our friends (and consultants) Kathryn Hamm and Beth Wheeler set up a multitude of events bringing a great deal of attention to The Adopted Life initiative. We attended the DC screening of CLOSURE at American University which was hosted by The Department of Philosophy & Religion (tickets sold out in less than 24 hours), attended fundraising events, was interviewed by fellow entrepreneur and current CEO Timothy Chi, and engaged in meaningful conversations about adoption reform with professionals in the field. Somehow, Bryan and I still found time for a bit of D.C. sightseeing (see Facebook/Instagram for touristy pics).

The Tucker’s work is an important piece of the expanding conversation around the many complicated facets of adoption, and transracial adoption, in particular:  race and identity, tragedy and loss, the meaning of family and love. After the American University screening of Closure, one attendee asked Angela, “My 10-year old, transracially adopted daughter is asking about meeting her birth mother.  Is she ready at this age?”  To which Angela replied, “If she’s asking, she’s ready.”

– You can read the entirety of The Barker Foundation’s recap here.

I am raring to get started working with our agency partners, as a great deal of thought has gone into making sure that the episode participants are vetted, that the participants fully understand the educational use and that supports are in place for the children who participate after filming as concluded. This project will provide much needed insight and education for adoptive families, agencies, social workers, and most importantly – it will help empower and connect young adoptees with each other.

We still need to raise $10,415 by November 30th as our funding goal must be met in order for this project to take place.   

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3 thoughts on “Campaigning in Washington D.C.

  1. I am looking forward to this so much. It would be fascinating, if the interviewees are willing, to see interviews over the years. Sort of like the Up Series, but for adoption. One thing at a time though right? If you guys need an extra set of hands while filming in NYC or DC just let me know 🙂

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