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Closure is currently available on Netflix, Hulu and iTunes.

Of all the adoption documentaries I’ve seen—the transnational adoption documentary has become a perennial subgenre in recent years—Bryan Tucker’s Closure comes close to being the most moving. –International Documentary Association

The ride is something of an emotional rollercoaster for us: our spirits lift as we see her meet her birth father, and we’re crushed when her birth mother Deborah initially denies knowing who Angela is.They capture many heartfelt moments of honesty, especially through featuring some difficult admissions. Closure is a poignant documentary that will be interesting for all to see, regardless of whether or not they are involved with adoption – it clears many myths, it challenges our preconceptions, and most significantly, documents a touching story that is as relatable as though we were personally involved. Way Too Indie

For Angela, locating her birth family isn’t just about finding her roots, but also having a chance to seek out a part of her culture she felt she missed out on while growing up in a predominantly white environment. As has been said before, what’s often missing in the country’s conflicts with race is empathy. Both of these moments, as well as others in the film, show that even those from loving transracial families have to make a conscious effort to understand this aspect of their relatives’ identities. Slate Magazine

It takes courage to start journeys sometimes, and courage to document them, and courage to share the very personal journey with others. We in the adoption community are fortunate to have this documentary. I hope it gets widely seen and shared, and creates a lot of conversations. Many thanks to Angela and her families. Light of Day Stories