It is my privilege to share first hand experiences, encourage adoptees, inspire birth-parents, educate adoptive parents and advocate for transracial adoptees within the complex and emotional adoption system. I tend to accept opportunities that elevate the adoptee voice focusing on themes around foster care, adoption, micro-aggressions, structural racism, oppression and privilege.

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“As a fellow transracial adoptee, I was highly impacted by Angela Tucker’s film Closure. I have since been able to meet her and see her speak. She is a powerful and much-needed voice for this generation!”

Erin Jones
Educator, Public Speaker
Candidate for WA State Superintendent of Public Instruction, 2016

“Angela is an open and honest presenter who carefully speaks her mind while respecting her audience. She has the ability to be both professional and very personal and helps everyone in the room think, feel, and react in new and better ways.”

Jim Vanderzwan
Executive Vice-President
Director of Adoption Services
Kern Bridges

“Angela epitomizes brilliance and beauty. She is a leading voice in adoption and for the younger generation.”

Susan Harris O’Connor, MSW
National Speaker, Solo Performance Artist, Identity Specialist
Author, The Harris Narratives: An Introspective Study of a Transracial Adoptee
“Closure is a film that should be required viewing for every adoption worker and every adoption agency as it highlights the complexity that is inherent in adoption – issues around grief and loss, privilege, race, class, family dynamics, and dis/ability are all explored in this film. These topics are also included in Angela’s writing and speaking. As a social work educator, research and professional, I recommend everyone who loves, or works with, foster and adopted individuals and families needs to get to know Angela and her work.”
             JaeRan Kim
             University of Washington, Tacoma

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