Speaking Descriptions

Keynote Address

50-75 minutes

Angela’s keynote addresses many of the complex aspects of her adoption story that serve to move our legal system forward with regards to adoptee rights. Angela embellishes on portions of Closure, by showing clips from the film and expanding upon them to give a more full picture and background context. Her keynote is tailored to the specific audience and can include a Q&A.

Transracial Adoption: Unpacking The Quite Visible Black Knapsack

1.5 hour workshop (CEU Credits available)

This interactive workshop encourages healthy and honest dialogue around the complexities and challenges inherent when building a family through transracial adoption. I stress an adoptee-centric perspective.

Adoption Consultant

Hourly fee

Available to assist businesses in tailoring their product(s)/services specifically for the transracial adoption community.  I conduct Skype or FaceTime education sessions and/or trainings for pre and post adoptive families, adult adoptees and agencies.